Mittwoch, 14. März 2012


My first entry in English – don’t ask me why, it fits better I think.

PLUNKLOCK concert was awesome. Well, they can’t top Luna Sea, but still they rocked. We arrived at the venue around 6:15pm, there was no need to hurry cause we had numbers for entrance. After waiting in the cold we finally got in – I’ve never been to K17 before, so it was kinda strange to cross a backyard and going up some stairs before entering the hall.

I was surprised no one stood on Kazukis side, but okay...the others arrived shotly after me and had no problems to come to me.

The stage was just a little higher than our knees and there was no security or something, so we stood right in front of Kazuki. He smiled at us several times during the concert and they all had so much fun even though there were only about 50 people or so.

I’m glad we started rocking and headbanging from the beginning so the people behind us realized that they could also do something.

I don’t know the exact setlist, but they played nearly all of their songs…I remember Breakout, Koe, Ai’iro Regret and , but there were some more^^

Haruka and Halo were doing Fanservice, that was…wow o_O I know they did that in shows after Berlin, too, so I’m wondering when the Fanfics will show up ;D

We had to wait a looong time for the encore and when they finally came out again, Pinky and Kazuki were changing instruments for fun, they didn’t really play but it was great to see. Halo told us, he dried his hair and we realized they were longer than we had seen before.

After encore we had to wait for the signing session, so Ari, Yuu and me stood close to the bar, drank something and talked with the barkeeper – she even gave us drinks for free, that was great XD We didn’t want to be the first in row, so we waited ‘til most of the fans had left and were the last ones to get our posters signed. Guess Halo was the only one who really was happy about our present – we had a phone strap for each of them. I gave it to him and he looked at it and commented with “CUUUTEE!”, while the others just took a short look.

He promised to come back soon and I really hope they will – this band has a great potential!

Hope I didn’t forget anything…I had a great time (: